We try to make sure that all information in the game (picks, results, records etc.) are correct and up to date and whlie this is generally the case, it does happen here or there that results are entered a little late, or - in rare cases - incorrectly.


There is no money involved. You cannot win any money but you also do not have to pay any money to play. We are playing just for fun and to make watching football on Sundays a bit more interesting.

Do not choose nick names that are politically incorrect or offensive to others. If we find any such nick names, the user will be asked to change them. Non-compliance will result in deletion of the account.

Be courteous to players in the forum and via e-mail. A little competitive spirit never hurt anybody, and while good-natured ribbing in the forums (particularly the smack thread) is certainly allowed, bear in mind that what is funny to you might be considered insulting by other people. Players who are abusive or insulting to other players will receive a warning. If such behaviour continues, they will have their account terminated. In severe cases, an account can be terminated without prior warning at the discretion of the administrator.

Sweepstakes Game

The basic principle of the game is as follows: players pick the results of all games over the course of the NFL season, as well as the divisional champions and the Super Bowl champion. Points are awarded depending on how well players pick (see below for details). The player with the highest total score the end of the season wins.

Weekly Picks

This is the main part of the game. Players have to pick the score for each game. A correct score will yield 8 points. A correctly picked winner and a score within +/- 3 points of the actual score counts as a close score worth 7 points. A correct winner with the pick outside of the close score bracket yields 5. An incorrect winner yields no points, no matter the score picked.

Game Score
WAS at MIN 22:13
Pick Points Comment
22:13 8 Correct Score. In the results table, correct scores are shown in blue.
23:16 7 Close Score. Neither teams score in the pick was off by more than three compared to the actual score. In the results table, close scores are shown in green.
28:10 5 Correct Winner. The predicted 10 points for Minnesota are within the 3 points bracket necessary for a close score, but the Redskins' 28 are too far off. This is counted as a correct winner. In the results table, correct winners are shown in black.
22:28 0 Incorrect Winner. The player picked the wrong winner. No points are awarded, regardless of the score. In the results table, incorrect winners are shown in red.

Players are allowed to enter picks until one hour before kick-off (all times shown are US Eastern times). Before this deadline, players cannot see each others' picks. This is to avoid strategic picking and ensure the players are ranked solely on their football knowledge. Players can change their picks as often as they want prior to the deadline.

Locks ('formerly Lock of the Week')

In addition to the weekly picks, players can lock games. While this used to be limited to one game per week (hence 'Lock of the Week'), players can now lock as many games as they like. A correct pick (correct score, close score, correct winner) will yield double the points (16, 14 and 10 respectively). However, if you place a lock on a game and get the winner wrong, you will get -10 points for that game, so place your locks carefully. In the results table, locks are shown as a border arround the result cell.

Players will be ranked according to their results. If the total score is equal, the tie-breaker is the success rate on weekly picks.

Why, you ask? Good question. The reason is this: Getting a correct score in an NFL game always involves a certain element of luck. Therefore, getting points with a higher number of low scoring picks demonstrates more consistent success - and hence more football accumen - then getting the same points with fewer, higher-scoring picks, and is therefore considered worth more.


Starting from the 2016 season, the number of points you get for each pick increases with each playoff round. While in the past, picks would count double in all playoff rounds compared to the regular season, pick points will now be doubled (in the wildcard round), tripled (in the divisional round), quadrupled (in the conference championship games) and quintupled -yes, that is a real word- (in the Super Bowl) respectively. But beware - while successfaul locks still double your points, the penalty for a wrong lock also increases whith each round. So be careful - while a lock would double the 25 points you get for a correctly predicted SB winner in the weekly picks - for a total of 50 points - screwing up the lock will set you back 50 points as well...

You can see an exact breakdown of the points you can get in each round in the summary table near the end of this page.

Divisional Champions Pick

Starting from before the season (!), you can pick all eight divisional champions. You can change your picks as often as you like prior to the final deadline, which is the first game of week 12. However, as in the Super Bowl Pick (see below), the later you enter your final pick, the fewer points it will be worth.

Specifically, the scoring works as follws: If you enter picks before the first game of the season, a pick (provided you pick the right team to win the division) will get you 24 points. For every week after that, a new pick is worth 2 fewer points - if you pick before the first game of week 2, you will still receive 22 points for a correct pick at the end of the season, 20 if you pick before the first game in week 3 etc. This means that if you change your pick before the first game of week 12, you will still get 2 points.

Only the last pick in each division will be evaluated.

You will not be able to see other people's picks before the final deadline.

Super Bowl Pick

This is independent of the Super Bowl score pick you can make as part of the weekly predictions in Super Bowl week. Here, you pick the Super Bowl champions for the current season. You can change your pick at any time and as often as you like. However, the later you make your final pick (if it turns out to be correct, of course), the fewer points you will receive.

If the correct pick is made at any time before the start of the play-offs - i.e. the wildcard games - the player will get 40 points. Thereafter, the points will decrease by 10 per week, so that a correct pick before the divisional championship round is worth 30 points, before the conference championship it is worth 20 and 10 before Super Sunday.

Only the last pick will be evaluated. Picking the eventual Super Bowl Champs before the playoffs, changing the pick before the divisional round and then changing it back before the Super Bowl will still only be worth ten points.


Players are ranked according to the points accrued over the season. The player with the highest total score at the end of the season will be our champion. Each player's total score is the sum of his weekly scores and those from the divisional champions pick and the Super Bowl pick. If two players have the same score, the success percenatage in the weekl picks will be the tie breaker. If the players are still tied after the tie breaker has been applied, they will both have the same rank.

The Eliminator

The Eliminator is a seperate game. Players can choose to play it together with or instead of the sweepstakes game, or not at all. Performance in one has no effect on performance the other.

Each participant picks one team he or she thinks will win. As long as the picks are correct, the player is allowed to continue into the following week. While each player has a 'buffer zone' of one game - meaning he or she is allowed to loose once and still continue to play - two losses result in elimination from the game (failure to pick is counted as a loss). In order to make matters more difficult, each player can only pick each team once per season, so make sure you pick wisely.


Summary of Points:
Category Regular Season
Wildcard Games
Divisional Champ.
Conference Champ.
Super Bowl
Correct Score: 8 / 16 16 / 32 24 / 48 32 / 64 40 / 80
Close Score: 7 / 14 14 / 28 21 / 42 28 / 56 35 / 70
Correct Winner: 5 / 10 10 / 20 15 / 30 20 / 40 25 / 50
Incorrect Winner: 0 / -10 0 / -20 0 / -30 0 / -40 0 / -50
Divisional Champions: 24 before the first game of week 1
22 before the first game of week 2
20 before the first game of week 3
18 before the first game of week 4
16 before the first game of week 5
14 before the first game of week 6
12 before the first game of week 7
10 before the first game of week 8
8 before the first game of week 9
6 before the first game of week 10
4 before the first game of week 11
2 before the first game of week 12
Correct Super Bowl Winner: 40 before Wildcard Round
30 before Divisional Round
20 before Conference Championship Games
10 before Super Bowl
Summary of Deadlines:
Pick Deadline
Weekly Picks One hour before kick-off
Divisional Champions First game of week 12
Divisional Champions (Week Switch) Kick-off of the first game each week
Super Bowl One hour before kick-off
Super Bowl (Week Switch) Kick-off of the first game in each playoff round
* All kickoff times are US Eastern times, regardless of where a game is played!